Window Repair

Glassma is proud to offer glass window repair services for all types of windows at affordable prices. No matter what shape, size, or location you need help with; we can get it done!

what is our glass repair process?

Free Estimate
Free Estimate via phone call or submitting online form

Getting a Glass repair estimate is free with Glassma. You can call now and get a free estimate over the phone or send us some information about the window or door that needs glass repair. A photo and rough measurements of each glass, and some details of location and type of the window will help us to provide you with an estimated cost of service. You can use text, email, or use online forms on our website.

Estimating and prepping

Our team will work on an estimate based on the information you have provided. You will receive an email with the link to view our estimate cost of glass repair. If you don’t receive this email, please search for Glassma in your email spam folder. If you don’t find that, contact us and our team will investigate that.

Measurement Appointment
Schedule a measurement appointment

Schedule an appointment with our team to take measurements and inspection. Review the estimate and pricing. If you are happy with the deal you are getting, you can schedule an appointment with our team to come and inspect the job. We will gather the exact measurements of the broken glass and find the type of glass used in the effective window or door. Please do not hesitate if you have any quotation about pricing.

Place your order
making a payment and signing a work agreement

After we take the exact measurement we will transform the estimate to a quote at this time you can place an order by making a payment and signing a work agreement.

Schedule installation
Schedule installation appointment

After receiving payment and signing the agreement, we will order the glass and parts needed for glass repair. Shortly after receiving the glass and parts, we will contact you to schedule an appointment for glass repair.

make the final payment

After our experienced installation team has finished cleaning up and making sure that everything is perfect for you in here. Just Don’t forget to pay your bill. Shortly after the job is complete, you can make the final payment to close the job.

Schedule an appointment now

With our installation services, we can provide you the best repair services at affordable rates. Our unparalleled customer care will ensure that all of our clients are satisfied throughout their experience in working with us!

what is our window repair services?

Our glass window repair services are always on point. From the simplest of installations to complicated frameworks, our experts have you covered!

1. Double pane window repair

Window repair is an important and necessary task for any home. If you’re looking to repair double pane windows, then contact the professionals at Glassma! They’ll be there with all of your needs in mind from start to finish so that everything can go smoothly during installation time or afterward if anything were found along the way

2. Window frame repair

State-of-the-art window repairs are here to get your windows working again in no time. The team at our company understands how important having a clean, well-designed house is for you and will do everything they can when fixing any problems with them such as repairing cracks on frames or replacing missing panes of glass if necessary!

3. Window glass repair and replacement

Window glass repair is one of the most common needs for commercial and residential property. the window glass can be damaged by a number of different means, including but not limited to: storms; windowpanes breaking due to old age or poor construction quality; physical impact from broken items such as baseballs thrown at them during sports games. There are some natural disasters that may cause serious damages like wind-driven rainstorms often referred to as hailstorms in many parts of the world. Regardless of what caused your shattered windows right now, we will fix those problems quickly!

How do I know if my window is beyond repair?

It’s always best to be safe than sorry, so If you want to be sure that your window is beyond repair, take a look at the frame. If there are large gaps and missing pieces or if much of it has been broken off and cannot even remain in place anymore then this tells us all we need: Your home’s windows have signs of extreme wear-and-tear which means they should be fixed as soon as possible before more damage occurs!

Is it possible to repair existing windows?

Window problems are never easy, but single-pane windows can be effectively and inexpensively repaired by the homeowner or a glazier. When multi-paned glass is broken or cracked it’s time for sash replacement! But if you have been tolerating these issues for quite some length of time this could just mean that your entire window needs to come out in order to keep up with modern safety standards.

which Factors impact the cost of window replacement and repairs?

Labor costs will go up with the complexity of the repair. A wooden frame requires more time and expertise than other repairs, which means it’s going to be costly for you as well!
You’ll be able to choose from a variety of window designs when upgrading your home. A double-glazed replacement will cost more than just installing another single pane, but it’s worth considering the benefits!

The cost to repair a window can vary depending on the below factors:

  • size: It’s easy to repair a window or door, but the cost goes up as you get more complicated. For example, irregular shapes and large sizes will be much more expensive than simple geometric shapes with regular dimensions like square feet (the size of each side). 
  • Material: You may think that the cost of repairing your windows will be expensive, but this could not be farther from the truth. The type and quality of material used for repairs can decrease or increase the price depending on what you want to be done. For example, aluminum is much cheaper than composite or glass because it’s lightweight and less sturdy.
  • the type of glass: A broken window repair cost will vary depending on the type of glass. For single-pane windows, it’s fairly cheap because all you need are pieces from one pane to replace a broken piece in your frame; but if the panes are double or thicker the pricing can get higher due to having two separate layers instead of just one. plus there’ll be moving parts too.
  • the type of frame: The cost of repairing a window frame is dependent on the material. Wooden window frames tend to cost more than other types of structures because they require a greater degree of craftsmanship and care during repairs or replacement for restoration purposes. but you can expect vinyl windows or fiberglass ones and also Aluminum or composite materials as well for your budget’s worth!