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You must have heard the name of tempered glass many times and you have seen it in many advertisements. And now you want to know more about this type of glass.

In this post, we are trying to give more information about tempered glass by answering the following questions

  • What is tempered glass?
  • How to make tempered glass?
  • What are the Advantages and disadvantages of tempered glass?
  • What are the uses of tempered glass?
  • Why tempered glass by Glassma?
  • How long does it take for tempered glass to be prepared by the Glassma?


What is tempered glass?

tempered glass

Tempered glass is glasses that reach about three to seven times the strength of ordinary glass during production and manufacturing operations.

This high resistance has led to a significant increase in the use of tempered glass in various industries.

Manufacturers make tempered glass using heat shock treatment and that is why they show more resistance to heat and impact than ordinary glass.

If it breaks, it will break into small, non-sharp pieces that will not cause injury or damage.

How to make tempered glass?

To make tempered glass, glassmakers first cut it to the appropriate size according to the use.

Then the glass is carefully inspected for any defects and enters the furnace horizontally.

then the heating operation begins and the furnace temperature is suddenly raised to 650 to 700 degrees Celsius (1000 degrees Fahrenheit)

After this step, the rapid cooling operation is performed by cooling the wind on both sides of the glass.

The outer part of the glass begins to cool much faster than the inner part, and this is caused by pressure in the glass, which eventually leads to the high resistance of tempered glass.

What are the advantages of tempered glass?

According to the previous description, you may still be wondering why you should use tempered glass?

Follow us to tell you three important reasons for using tempered glass.

tempered glass

1. High safety of tempered glass

2. Temperature resistance of tempered glass

3. High variety of designs and colors of tempered glass


1- High safety of tempered glass

This model of glass has a high resistance to impact and if it breaks, instead of turning into sharp small pieces, it cracks into small pieces and collapses without danger.

In this case, the glass breaks so as not to cause damage and also have no risk of sharpness

2- Temperature resistance of tempered glass

Tempered glass has a high-temperature resistance against cold and heat. Sunlight and heat, snow, rain, wind, storm, and constant cold will not affect the tempered glass.

3- High variety of designs and colors of tempered glass

tempered glass has a variety of designs and colors. This variety allows you to design different decorations according to your personal taste.

If, in addition to safety and persistence, you also care about the beauty of your work or living environment, installing tempered glass is the best choice for you.

What are the disadvantages of tempered glass?

tempered glass, despite all its positive features and advantages, also has some disadvantages.

Knowing the negative and positive points about these glasses will help you to choose the best and most suitable type of glass according to your needs.

1. Impossibility to change the tempered glass:

One of the most important disadvantages that can make the problem when using tempered glass is that this type of glass can’t be edged, cut, drilled, and… after production.

2. Tempered glass price:

The price of tempered glass is higher than ordinary glass and this issue can be considered as one of the disadvantages of tempered glass.

3. The sensitivity of tempered glass:

It is true that tempered glass is much more resistant than ordinary glass, but the edges and corners of this type of glass are very fragile and sensitive to the slightest impact.

If a portion of the tempered glass break or cracks, the entire glass will break and collapse.

What are the uses of tempered glass?

tempered glass for shops

tempered glass for shops:

tempered glass due to having special features such as high safety, high resistance of glass to pressure, and weight.

high transparency of glass has brought benefits to shops so that it creates a beautiful and luxurious view for the shops.

and also displays the goods inside the shop easily for people outside the shop. this factor attracts more customers and as a result, shop sales have increased significantly.

Tempered glass for construction purposes

Tempered glass for construction purposes:

The construction industry is one of the industries that use tempered glass widely. they use tempered glass for extra protection due to its durability.

There are many rules regarding the use of glass and many laws prohibit the use of ordinary glass in some situations.

We can use tempered glass in all parts of the house and buildings such as frameless glass shower door, sliding door, tempered glass window, tempered glass door, glass railings, stair glass, shower door glass, tempered glass tabletop, glass balcony, glass staircase floor, glass stage, glass wall and partitioning, glass separators and etc …

Tempered glass for commercial purposes

Tempered glass for commercial purposes:

we can use tempered glass to make telephone booths, glass bus stops, escalators, stairwells, solar panels, and even some sporting events.

There are many of these places that we have regular access to them.

in addition to the above, it can be said that the main commercial use of tempered glass for a variety of shopping centers and shop windows is widely used, which doubles the attractiveness of goods inside shopping centers.

Therefore, the use of tempered glasses is limited only by the creativity of the human mind.

Tempered glass for Home Appliances

Tempered glass for Home Appliances:

when you need heat resistance and persistence at home, you can use tempered glass.

Perhaps the most common device that uses tempered glass is the microwave oven. the microwave oven should be able to keep a lot of heat.

leading manufacturers of glass home appliances use tempered glass due to their high resistance in making their home appliances.

Tempered glass for Monitor screen glass

Tempered glass for Monitor screen glass:

Other uses of tempered glass are on computer screens and laptops.

Using tempered glass on the monitor screen is a great idea. another feature of safety glass, in addition to resistance, is that it does not scratch.

Many mobile phone companies use tempered glass in mobile phones to provide resistant and quality products to buyers.

Tempered glass for car window

Tempered glass for car window:

Broken glass pieces are one of the most serious health dangers and can even lead to death in some cases.

we can use tempered glass in the car to ensure the safety of occupants in dangerous conditions and accidents.


It is mostly used in the windshield of the car to turn it into small polished pieces in the event of an accident or impact.

If an accident happens and the car colliding with an object with great intensity and speed, the glass breaks like a spider and collapses at once.

In this case, the safety of the occupants is maintained by breaking the glass. because it prevents from falling and sinking broken glass on the skin and body of occupants.

Why Tempered Glass By Glassma?

The advantages of Glassma’s tempered glasses have caused the number of the company’s customers to increase daily.

Some of the most important advantages that this company offers to its customers are:

  • You will have a safe purchase, in fact, one of the most important goals of Glassma experts is to convince customers of their purchase.
  • The experts who work in this company are very experienced and specialized. They have a lot of information about installing the tempered glass and therefore can guide you in your choice in the best possible way.
  • All tempered glass installation projects performed by Glassma technicians are performed in the best way. You will not find any problem in any of the tempered glass installation projects done by Glassma’s technicians.

How long does it take for tempered glass to be prepared by the Glassma?

All doors and glass around the door with a distance of 24 inches must be safety glass (tempered or laminate).

If the glass is single-pane, it is possible to use laminated glass and deliver it in one day, but if you want tempered glass, both single-pane, and double-pane, it takes more time for the glass to fabrication.

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