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commercial storefront doors and windows

The front of your commercial space is the most important part of your business for the attraction of the customer and getting more profit. You want a storefront door to display your commercial space and your products more clear and elegant.

Choosing the right commercial storefront doors and windows for your commercial space is easy when you work with Glassma Company. We offer a variety of storefront door and storefront window to enhance the front of your building or property.

We also specialize in repairs and replacement services related to storefront door and storefront window.

storefront window
What are our storefront doors and windows services?

installation of storefront doors and windows is highly specialized work that must be done by fully experienced people. Glassma has highly experienced technicians who have passed the necessary training, installation work, and other services such as repair and adjustment and other things are done.


storefront sliding doors is made of tempered glass and sliding rails that open and close the door easily. The price of a sliding glass door can be estimated based on the area of ​​glass used, the type of frame and rail, and other parts used in installing the sliding glass door.

Of course, it should be noted that the price of a manual glass sliding door is lower compared to its automatic model, the main reason being the use of the motor and related fittings.


In the frameless system, instead of aluminum frames, tempered glass with special fittings is used. automatic Frameless storefront door is mainly used in commercial and office buildings or places where beauty is very important.

These types of doors are very delicate and vulnerable due to the lack of frames, so their use is not recommended in high-traffic and crowded places where it is possible to hit the door.


In framed glass storefront doors, the frame is made of aluminum alloy, which is produced in different widths. The width of the standard frames used in automatic Aluminum Storefront Doors operators is 3, 5, 8 and 12 cm. Of course, there are also slimmer models that are custom made.

These frames are produced and painted in different dimensions and colors according to the customer’s request.Also, a special type of these frames are produced with gold or silver steel coating, which are known as steel frames in the market.


This category of glass doors is the most common type of door that is used. swing doors are more cost-effective and convenient than other models. It can usually be used on top of buildings, entrances, shop doors, and so on.


automatic glass swing doors are usually used in cases where we want to use the maximum possible space while there is no place to move the rails in the door opening. Automatic swing doors are offered in two-leaf and single-leaf.

In fact, an electronic board is installed on each door leaf. Installing such doors is the best choice for spaces where the width of the entrance door is very small.


Among the types of automatic storefront doors, automatic sliding doors are the most used and up to 90% of orders for automatic sliding doors are of this type. These doors naturally do not have handles.

Automatic sliding doors are used in hospitals, stores, organizations, agencies, shopping malls, cinemas, airports, etc.

how much does it cost to install a Glass storefront doors and windows?

Basically, storefront may include different parts and components and this makes it difficult to have a constant calculation. This means that you may attract a person with different styles and choices in designing and performing a storefront than different products and designs. On the other hand, in most cases, this is you who control the costs determining raw materials quality, and achieve a specific number based on the deal you have with the contractor.

here there are some factors that will affect its final price such as:

  • Manual and automatic storefront door
  • the width of the door
  • Tools and fittings used in storefront door installation
  • Type of glass used and it’s quality

and …

For a detailed review of the price of the storefront door and other manual and automatic samples, you can contact Glassma for the necessary guidance provided by our experts.

important things you should know

Questions And Answers

 Most frameless shower doors are made by 3/8 clear Tempered glass, but some homeowners like to use 1/2″ thick Glass for the shower doors

If the tiles are completed. One of our technicians will get the exact measurements, and we start the fabrication of the glass. This normally would take about 3-5 business days. Once we have everything ready we will contact you to schedule a time for shower door installation.

Yes, we can easily provide you a quote just by having some rough measurements. If you send us a simple drawing we can work on a quote and a 3D model of the glass shower door. And once the tiles are completed we can schedule a free estimate appointment to get exact measurements.

For shower doors with privacy glass, we can use many different types of glass, but the most common privacy glass available with 3/8” thickness are Satin Etch glass, Niagara Rain glass, Clear Glue Chip Glass, Bronze, and Gray Glass. “For shower doors with privacy glass, we can use many different types of glass, but most common privacy glass available with 3/8” thickness are Satin Etch glass, Niagara Rain glass, Clear Glue Chip Glass, Bronze, and Gray Glass.

Yes, we design all our glass showers door based on our customer’s needs. The most common size of glass doors is 28” but we can increase it up to 36”, but we will need to use stronger hinges to support the weight of the glass door.

You may be able to keep the glass clean without using any treatment, but it takes a lot of effort. We highly recommend having a water treatment on glass shower doors. Soap and chemicals used in the shower easily can build up on the glass and take away the beauty and great look of the glass shower doors.

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