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framed and Frameless shower door By Glassma
what is glassma shower door services?

Our wonderful shower door installation services are the outcome of great management studies we have done throughout of years. Experience is the result of mistakes and successful installations we have had in the projects we have accomplished. And today Results of this study are A glass company with well experienced, and knowledgeable Team of shower door installers in the field.


Frameless Glass shower installation
What type of shower door installation services we provide?
All glass frameless steam shower Enclosure installation, Frameless shower panel installation, Hinged frameless shower door installation, Sliding frameless shower door installation, Custom frameless shower door and enclosure, Framed shower door installation, Semi-Frameless shower installation.
Quality Is Promising, All Our Shower Door Installation Comes With One Year Guaranteed Cost Free Service.
Upgrade framed to Frameless Glass shower
Frameless shower doors look better and function better than framed shower doors. Modernism and simplicity of frameless shower doors change the way you use the shower and bring a peaceful atmosphere to your home. Where you can enjoy a warm shower after a long workday, but not feeling surrounded by hard walls all around you.
by upgrading a framed shower door to a frameless shower door you can change your bathroom to a modern and functional bathroom.
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Frameless Glass Shower Repair
It is not the best experience when you came home and you see the glass shower in your bathroom is shattered into a million small pieces, And it is worse if happens in the middle of the night. But there is no need to worry. We can help to make a custom pane of glass that fits your shower perfectly.
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how much does it cost to install a frameless shower door?

The total cost of a frameless shower door installed is a combination of Glass and hardware, Delivery, and shower door installation. To estimate the total cost of a glass shower, we need to know your needs.

1- Glass and Hardware

The shower enclosure will be priced based on its type and dimensions. There are many variables to estimate the cost of a glass shower door combination, which includes:

  • shower type: Hinged frameless shower door, Sliding frameless shower door, frameless shower panel
  • Dimensions of the shower: Normally 70” or 76”
  • Glass type: 3/8” and 1/2” are the most common thickness of glass. Clear glass is the most common tint of glass used in frameless glass showers, but you can choose different glass tints and colors in 3/8” or 1/2” thick glass for your desired use and preference.  
  • shower door hardware: There are several types of hardware with common and special finishes. To match the shower door hardware with your bathroom, we have a variety of Finishes and styles.
  • water treatment: It is important to protect the glass shower against water sports, but using chemicals is not the only option. We can have Easy Clean surface treatment on your glass shower doors built during the fabrication of the glass. This is an optional solution for those who want to keep their shower door clean and Shiny, without the need for harmful chemicals.

2- Delivery and shower door installation

It is recommended to buy the glass shower door from a local shower door glass company that provides door installation service as well. This would have a lot of benefits for you as a customer. Glass companies consider this as a bundle sale and You can save on delivery costs as well. Another benefit would be not having trouble finding installers and making sure the size is great. The cost of the installation starts from 300$ to 1000$ and higher in heavy glass installations.

The Glassma team is equipped with the most reliable tools and equipment to get the job done. This gives us the ability to minimize the risks and speed up the process of work. Less risk means less overhead costs in business which provides a cheaper cost of shower door installation, but with great quality for our customers.

important things you should know
Questions And Answers

 Most frameless shower doors are made by 3/8 clear Tempered glass, but some homeowners like to use 1/2″ thick Glass for the shower doors

If the tiles are completed. One of our technicians will get the exact measurements, and we start the fabrication of the glass. This normally would take about 3-5 business days. Once we have everything ready we will contact you to schedule a time for shower door installation.

Yes, we can easily provide you a quote just by having some rough measurements. If you send us a simple drawing we can work on a quote and a 3D model of the glass shower door. And once the tiles are completed we can schedule a free estimate appointment to get exact measurements.

For shower doors with privacy glass, we can use many different types of glass, but the most common privacy glass available with 3/8” thickness are Satin Etch glass, Niagara Rain glass, Clear Glue Chip Glass, Bronze, and Gray Glass. “For shower doors with privacy glass, we can use many different types of glass, but most common privacy glass available with 3/8” thickness are Satin Etch glass, Niagara Rain glass, Clear Glue Chip Glass, Bronze, and Gray Glass.

Yes, we design all our glass showers door based on our customer’s needs. The most common size of glass doors is 28” but we can increase it up to 36”, but we will need to use stronger hinges to support the weight of the glass door.

You may be able to keep the glass clean without using any treatment, but it takes a lot of effort. We highly recommend having a water treatment on glass shower doors. Soap and chemicals used in the shower easily can build up on the glass and take away the beauty and great look of the glass shower doors.

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The Glassma team By establishing long-term and strong relationships with its customers, provides its services with agreed quality, on time, and with the best conditions.

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