How to measure glass in home windows, The Glass Repair Quote.


To measure home window glass there is an easy way of measurement and some questions that you need to ask yourself.

For what purpose do I need the measurements?

If you are just trying to get an estimate or quote from a glass company in your city, all they need to know is the visual opening of the glass pane.

Here is how you do it.

  • Find a tape measure with your preferred measuring unit reading.
  • Make sure you have proper safety PPE. And do not put yourself in danger.
  • Locate the glass that you plan to replace or repair.
  • Specify Height and Width and write down each with a rounded number (29-1/4″=30″)
  • On your notes add information about the glass and window. Such as elevation, single pane, or double pane, the reason for service.
  • And if you have more than one glass that you want to replace make a list and add the information about each glass.

how can I request a quote for replacing glass in my home window?

If you want to request a quote for window glass replacement you can try the following steps:

  1. use your phone and take a photo of the window that needs glass replacement
  2. Next, measure the dimensions of the glass and write them down on the photo on your phone.
  3. IF you have more than one glass that needs Glazing services please note the location of each glass, for example: “Living room window, 1st floor “
  4. Search for glass companies nearby.
  5. In Google search you can look for, glass companies near me, glass and mirror shop. Glass repair services, and so on. the first options are usually ads, and after that, there are organic local glass shops that are well known and trusted. Make sure you are directly working with the glass company and you are not calling a middle man which be a more expensive cost for the same job.
  6. Get a couple of quotes to make sure you are getting the best deal and compare each companies reviews and reputation. After you made your choice let them know to schedule an appointment to measure the glass and finalize the quote. Also, ask about the timelines and what they expect from you.

Note that:

  • It is so important to hire a professional glass company to trust to avoid the problems that could be happening by some simple measures. Online reviews are great to know other people’s experiences but it is not enough. The glass companies you hire must have valid licenses, insurance, and bonds, so you can make sure you are safe and working with a professional Glazier.
  • If there is only one pane of glass, you can make a phone call to get a fast response. but if it’s more than 2 panes of glass it is always better to use email. This prevents misunderstanding and gives more time to them to think better on pricing. In the email provide your name, your phone number, zip code, or city where the job is, for contacting.

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