Glass railing systems

Glass railing systems

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glass railing System

We custom design the glass railing systems to place it on the stairs, pools and next to the balcony for safety and increase beauty.

 All our glass railing models are made using the highest quality in production methods to ensure the durability of your order.

We use unbreakable glass and laminate or tempered and stainless steel glass railing system in the manufacture of our products. All our glass railing fittings are resistant to ocean moisture and pool water.

Glass railing systems

What are our glass railing services?


Frameless glass railings are one of the most powerful grading systems for inflatable areas and balconies, tailored to a variety of applications for glass protection on the balconies of high-rise buildings up to the fence around the pool.


The installation and implementation of glass handrails have helped to advance the modern engineering goals of the construction industry. glass handrails cause natural exposure to reach the highest level and save energy consumption.


Standoff glass railing is a system where the glass panels are secured with round stainless steel cylinders. The glass has holes pre-drilled, it is leveled in place, and the standoffs secure the panel to the vertical face of the stair and floor system.


Glassma Glass Windscreen Systems are ideal for glass windbreaks, pool glass fence, perimeter fencing, sound barriers, balconies, and other view-oriented.

a Pool glass fence creates more visibility in the pool, which is always a good thing if the kids are swimming .


Are Stair glass railings safe? The biggest concern most people have is whether or not glass railings can sustain the weight of continuous use. However, glass fences are actually much safer than traditional fencing systems! Because the glass materials used in Stair glass railings are actually tempered safety glasses, they are about four times stronger than regular glass.


Balcony glass railings enhance the design style of any residential or commercial space. While there are many different designs, customization options allow you to implement almost any balcony glass railing you want.

how much does it cost to install a Glass railing system?

The price of a product is an important factor for buyers in choosing a glass railing system. For this reason, the Glassma Company, considering your budget and the conditions of a project, offers you the most suitable design and structure of glass railing at the fairest price. In order to inform you, dear buyers, about the price of the glass railing system and how to calculate those items that can be effective in determining the price, you can easily use the free consultation of our experts with a phone call and get the price. Call Us at (206)330-9103

important things you should know

Questions And Answers

 Most frameless shower doors are made by 3/8 clear Tempered glass, but some homeowners like to use 1/2″ thick Glass for the shower doors

If the tiles are completed. One of our technicians will get the exact measurements, and we start the fabrication of the glass. This normally would take about 3-5 business days. Once we have everything ready we will contact you to schedule a time for shower door installation.

Yes, we can easily provide you a quote just by having some rough measurements. If you send us a simple drawing we can work on a quote and a 3D model of the glass shower door. And once the tiles are completed we can schedule a free estimate appointment to get exact measurements.

For shower doors with privacy glass, we can use many different types of glass, but the most common privacy glass available with 3/8” thickness are Satin Etch glass, Niagara Rain glass, Clear Glue Chip Glass, Bronze, and Gray Glass. “For shower doors with privacy glass, we can use many different types of glass, but most common privacy glass available with 3/8” thickness are Satin Etch glass, Niagara Rain glass, Clear Glue Chip Glass, Bronze, and Gray Glass.

Yes, we design all our glass showers door based on our customer’s needs. The most common size of glass doors is 28” but we can increase it up to 36”, but we will need to use stronger hinges to support the weight of the glass door.

You may be able to keep the glass clean without using any treatment, but it takes a lot of effort. We highly recommend having a water treatment on glass shower doors. Soap and chemicals used in the shower easily can build up on the glass and take away the beauty and great look of the glass shower doors.

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