Every Thing About Double Pane Glass

If you are going to buy and install a double-pane window, you have definitely heard of double-pane glass many times, and you would like to get more information.

information such as What is double-pane glass and why it is used? What are the benefits of using double-pane glass? And questions like that.

In this post, we want to help you make the right and reliable choice by answering the following questions. Stay with us.

  • What is double glazed glass?
  • How to make double-pane glass?
  • What are the benefits of Double pane windows?
  • What are the Disadvantages of double glazing?
  • How much does it cost to replace a double pane window?

What is double pane glass?

Double pane glass consists of two or more glasses that are placed parallel to each other. it is placed on a frame of aluminum profiles and fixed.

The main feature of this glass is its very high resistance to the penetration of noise as well as heat.

In other words, double-glazed glasses are suitable for sound and heat insulation.

One of the easiest activities to renovate buildings is to replace single-pane windows with double-pane windows, which have the greatest impact without damage and in the shortest possible time.

Depending on the use and location of double-glazed glass, it is possible to use a combination of different types of glass for double glazing: such as annealed glass, tempered glass, laminated glass, etc.

How to make double glazed glass?

You may be curious to know how to make double-glazed glass. Let’s give you a brief overview.

First, the large glass plates enter a special surface in the production line. At this stage, the software processes the dimensions of the glass so that the cutting can be done accurately and away from hand error.

After cutting, the glasses are hardened with water and then the frames between the two walls are cut to be placed between the two glasses.

Then they fill the interior space using moisture-proof material, They apply special glues to both edges of the frame and seal.

Then they transfer the glass to the press machine and in this stage inject argon gas, after that the glass is filled with polysulfide adhesive by the machine for secondary sealing.

After production, they select random samples from the glass and perform standardized tests such as high humidity stability, frost point determination, thickness measurement, and distance and dimensions

What are the benefits of Double pane windows?

Double-pane windows prevent the transmission of cold and heat air from the outside, and the entry of dust and air pollution, as well as the release of noise into the house.

Insulation of Double pane windows is 100 times more than a wall in summer and does not allow heat to penetrate into the building.

In the winter, ordinary homes with old windows and single-pane windows usually waste about 40 percent of the heat inside the house.

If we use dual pan windows instead of single-pane windows, the argon gas injected between the two layers of glass can produce better thermal efficiency.

In dual pan windows, UPVC frames perform better than aluminum frames. In addition, there is more variety in their design and beauty.

now, we will explain some of the most important effects and features of using double pane glass.

1- Reduces energy consumption

The windows provide light around us and give energy to our living and working environment.

with their transparent windows and glass, we can connect more closely with nature and invite a sense of calm to our living environment.

Installing a good window with double-pane glass can meet many of our building needs.

A window with double glazing glass is a good thermal insulator and consumes less energy.

so, the presence of double-pane windows contributes greatly to the air conditioning inside the building.

According to research, using each square meter of double-pane glass, it is possible to save 40 cubic meters of gas per year.

2- Decreases the amount of water vapor perspiration on the glass surface

Double-pane windows reduce the amount of water vapor perspiration on the glass surface.

The internal surface temperature of dual-pane windows is usually a function of the temperature of the space inside the environment.

This temperature is independent of the weather conditions outside. For this reason, the vaporization phenomenon of glass surfaces does not occur in dual-pane windows.

3- Prevents noise from entering the house

Another feature of double-glazed glass is that they are insulated against the spread of noise pollution.

These days, noise pollution is a big part of the problems of living in big cities. Noise pollution has adverse effects and is detrimental to social behaviors and the health of the human soul and psyche.

The use of dual pan windows reduces the spread of noise pollution in the interior of the house.

4- double glazed glass controls light and UV rays

Sunlight and UV rays are harmful to human health. The use of coated glass or laminate can easily control the amount of sunlight entering and how it is.

These glasses also prevent UV rays from entering. This radiation causes damage to appliances and their discoloration.

5- Using double glazed glass does not change color in different weather conditions

In double pane glass, all measures of resistance to radiation and moisture and… are considered.

For this reason, these glasses are resistant to weather conditions and retain their appearance

6- No ignition

The melting temperature of double pane glass is higher than the combustion temperature of wood.

In addition, unlike wood, this glass does not become a source of ignition during combustion and does not cause the development and transmission of fire.

7- Earthquake resistance

Double pane glass is resistant to pressure and impact due to its strong structure. This feature is very important for maintaining earthquake safety and not breaking glass fragments.

8- Long life and environmental protection by using double-pane glass

Double pane glass has a longer service life than conventional models. But after many years, if replaced, it can be recycled many times in the industry and its waste does not have a detrimental effect on the environment.

9- Variety in design and color

Double glazed glass can be applied in any design and color you want, according to your personal taste.

What are the Disadvantages of double glazing?

The only disadvantage that can be mentioned about double pane glass is its higher price compared to simple and old models.

But considering the features that we mentioned, using this glass is quite cheap and like buying a piggy bank!

Because with a more general view, the difference in the price of double pane glass Compensated by the energy savings it brings.

A double-pane window allows you to store 40 cubic meters of gas per year. Do you think it is not economical?

How much does it cost to replace a double pane window?

Many variables affect price determination. Factors such as dimensions and size, quality of double pane glass are effective in its price.

This variety helps you make your choice based on your budget and can provide a high-quality double pane window for your home at a reasonable cost.



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