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Commercial and Residential Mirror Installation
what is glassma Mirror Installation services?

Glassma Mirror and Glass Services, after years of gaining specialized experience, has been able to greatly increase the quality level of its products and services, this work process has resulted in complete customer satisfaction with our services.

Nowadays, geometric shapes, combined or repetitive, are widely used to make decorative mirrors or different kinds of mirrors for different usage.

Glassma offers a variety of elegant mirror styles, such as Vanity Mirror, dressing table mirror, bathroom mirrorbedroom mirrorwall mirrortable mirrorgym mirror, and…

we always want our customers to be happy with their products. You can call our friendly staff Or request your custom mirror quote online today!

mirror installation
Do you need a mirror cut to size?

At Glassma, we also customize mirrors that we offer in the following shades: light, gray, or bronze. We provide the mirror cut to size service and custom mirror installation service according to the latest designs and shapes available or according to the customer’s taste.

The materials we use have the highest quality. As we take care of the project from start to finish, you are assured of the first-class service. Our team can design any type of mirror, whether simple or complex, and we will always try to meet your needs. We’ll help you personalize where you spend the most time so you’ll enjoy staying longer.

how much does it cost to install a custom mirror?

The price of cutting glass and mirrors is not a fixed price and the price is estimated and determined based on the type of project.

Therefore, Glassma team, according to the customer’s needs and tastes, and based on the dimensions and method of cutting, estimates the exact price and announces it to the customer.

On the other hand, the experts of Glassma team have provided an opportunity for all applicants and customers to be informed of the most detailed information on price and quality of work.

The Glassma team is equipped with the most reliable tools and equipment to get the job done. This gives us the ability to minimize the risks and speed up the process of work. Less risk means less overhead costs in business which provides a cheaper cost of mirror installation, but with great quality for our customers.

important things you should know
Questions And Answers

 Most frameless shower doors are made by 3/8 clear Tempered glass, but some homeowners like to use 1/2″ thick Glass for the shower doors

If the tiles are completed. One of our technicians will get the exact measurements, and we start the fabrication of the glass. This normally would take about 3-5 business days. Once we have everything ready we will contact you to schedule a time for shower door installation.

Yes, we can easily provide you a quote just by having some rough measurements. If you send us a simple drawing we can work on a quote and a 3D model of the glass shower door. And once the tiles are completed we can schedule a free estimate appointment to get exact measurements.

For shower doors with privacy glass, we can use many different types of glass, but the most common privacy glass available with 3/8” thickness are Satin Etch glass, Niagara Rain glass, Clear Glue Chip Glass, Bronze, and Gray Glass. “For shower doors with privacy glass, we can use many different types of glass, but most common privacy glass available with 3/8” thickness are Satin Etch glass, Niagara Rain glass, Clear Glue Chip Glass, Bronze, and Gray Glass.

Yes, we design all our glass showers door based on our customer’s needs. The most common size of glass doors is 28” but we can increase it up to 36”, but we will need to use stronger hinges to support the weight of the glass door.

You may be able to keep the glass clean without using any treatment, but it takes a lot of effort. We highly recommend having a water treatment on glass shower doors. Soap and chemicals used in the shower easily can build up on the glass and take away the beauty and great look of the glass shower doors.

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The Glassma team By establishing long-term and strong relationships with its customers, provides its services with agreed quality, on time, and with the best conditions.

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