Why do most homeowners repair Windows instead of replacement?

The very reason why most homeowners repair a window with glass replacement rather
than replace their windows is cause windows are relatively inexpensive to replace. There are also
many advantages to repairing a window with glass replacement rather than replacing it.
Replacing the glass is a great way to save money. It’s also better for the environment, as
homeowners still get all the benefits like energy savings and better heat gains and less heat

In most cases, a window repair job can be completed for less than half the cost of a new
replacement window. Plus, the repairs won’t require homeowners to tear out the entire room or
move walls around — just remove the damaged panel and install a new one.

Another reason why repairing windows is so famous for homeowners is because of the
fact that it can be done at home by themselves or with the help of family members and friends.
This saves money on labor costs as well as time spent traveling out of town for repairs.

Digging deeper, while there are times when replacing windows is necessary, many
homeowners are surprised to learn that there are ways to maintain and sustain their existing
windows. People want to make the most of what they have now and avoid creating extra waste to
rot in landfills, driving the trend toward constructing “green” homes — environmentally and
resourceful residences. And, as there is less space for garbage, there are more rules and
regulations in place as to what people can throw away in the first place.

Although it will take attention on their part to regularly inspect and maintain their
existing windows, If they are not concerned with gaining the energy efficiency gains of newer
technology, it may be a feasible alternative to replacing all of their windows. In some cases, what
appears to be a significant issue may be a simple fix for homeowners.