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Broken commercial glass is a storeowner’s worst nightmare. While you can plan ahead, employ security measures, and minimize potential problems, it may still happen to your storefront though. At that point standing in front of the broken glass, it’s essential to follow the right steps.

Call Glassma For Board Up

The next step is to board up your store with plywood to protect the interior from further damage. You could do this yourself, but you probably do not keep the supplies around your store, and running to a hardware store while trying to handle broken storefront glass is impractical.

Instead, call The company offers a 24/7 emergency glass board-up service with fast dispatches. Typically, your storefront can be boarded up within a few hours of your call so you can focus on the recovery effort.

Have Glassma Make The Repair

Glassma is a premier option to replace your broken glass with new commercial storefront glass and residential glass. Glassma offers a variety of types of commercial and residential glass to meet your needs.

With a fast turnaround time, the professionals at Glassma can quickly install a premium storefront with security features, tints, and other customizations.

Do you need an emergency board up for broken windows at your commercial storefront or residential? Call, and we’ll have experts dispatched within the hour, no matter the time of day.



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